The ABCs of Executive Benefits (Webinar)

Today’s job market for credit union CEOs is more competitive than it was just ten years ago. The aging of a significant percentage of chief executives has created both opportunities and challenge.

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Executive Benefits: Eliminating the Retirement Gap (Webinar)

Healthcare organizations are faced with retaining executives and other key talent while mitigating substantial risks like cost and reputation. Executives need a specialized benefit plan to bridge the financial gap between traditional savings plans and their actual retirement needs.

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Designing a Split Dollar Plan (Webinar)

Learn how a split dollar plan is designed and what key decisions need to be made by the credit union. You’ll gain a better understanding of how well-designed and serviced split dollar plans can be a win-win — tax-free retirement income for the executive and an asset earning income for the credit union.

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What’s New, Next, and the Same in Executive Benefits (Webinar)

When it rains, it pours. In the past few months, several high impact changes affecting executive benefits have taken place: NCUA examiner guidance, tax reform, and DOL disability claims.

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Why Split Dollar Still Matters (Webinar)

Most executives are surprised to learn that split dollar plans have been around for at least 75 years. Several IRS rulings have been issued in that time, confirming that split dollar has been well-considered and well-debated for decades.

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Executive Benefits: Impact of Tax Reform

This webinar addresses how the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act affects executive compensation. In particular, new Section 4960 of the tax code imposes a 21% excise tax on credit unions and other tax-exempt employers for providing compensation in excess of $1 million to any individual and for paying "parachute payments."  Our experts will discuss how to determine if your credit union is affected and adjustments you can make to minimize or eliminate the taxes.

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New Guidance for NCUA Section 701.19 (Webinar)

After several years in the making, the NCUA recently published its guidance for examiners on Section 701.19. Under this regulation, a federal credit union may hold otherwise impermissible investments if the investment is “directly related” to the credit union’s obligations or potential obligations under an employee benefit plan.

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Proper Accounting for BOLI and SERPs (Webinar)

This webinar digs into the details of proper accounting methods for Business-Owned Life Insurance (BOLI) and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs). 

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Benefit Liability Management 101 (Webinar)

Benefit Liability Management isn’t a new concept in the credit union industry, yet many are unsure of what it means.

Sometimes called Benefits Pre-funding, it is simply purchasing an otherwise impermissible investment to offset employee benefit expenses. Before implementing benefit liability management, several key questions must be considered.

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2017 NAFCU-BFB Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey (Webinar)

The annual NAFCU–BFB Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey is the trusted source for comprehensive data on credit unions of all asset sizes, coast-to-coast.

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Is Asset Management Worth the Fuss? (Webinar)

With the cost of healthcare and other employee benefits on the rise, investment portfolios may be an appropriate solution, but what questions should credit unions be asking? This presentation will focus on the ins-and-outs of investment portfolios, as well as the regulatory landscape and due diligence requirements that should be top-of-mind when considering these types of investments.

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CEOs, Here’s What Your Boards Want From You (Webinar)

At the 2017 NAFCU Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference, we explored how enhanced board governance can help board members respond to changes in their "job description." They are tasked with balancing their fiduciary duty while responding to changes in technology, your membership demographic, regulatory compliance, and more. We asked the conference attendees what they need from their CEO to help them meet these unprecedented demands, and the results are eye-opening.

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Financial Fitness Strategies for Executives – Part 1 (Webinar)

Financial Fitness Strategies for Executives – Part 1

Today’s employers realize financial issues are a top stressor for their employees. Financial stress can take a heavy toll on employees, affecting their physical and emotional well-being while also impacting their ability to remain engaged and deliver on job responsibilities.

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Executive Benefits: Getting Ready for an Exam (Webinar)

Don’t wait until the examiners are onsite — get your nonqualified benefits program in shape before your next exam.

BFB Gallagher has implemented thousands of participant plans and worked with examiners across the country. From documented due diligence to proper accounting treatment, they know what the examiners like to see (and not see).

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Charitable Foundations: Getting Started (Webinar)

Many credit unions are considering creating a charitable foundation as a way to provide institutional structure for their giving program. However, there are several preformation decisions to be made to be compliant with various federal and state laws.

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Executive Benefits: Plan Overview and Strategies (Webinar)

With three out of ten credit union executives set to retire in the next five years, there is a recruiting frenzy taking place. Current CEOs as well as other senior management are being recruited into these positions. Whether your strategic plan includes protecting against your own key leadership from leaving, or recruiting for future needs, now is the time to consider at nonqualified executive plans.

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Executive Benefits: How the Proposed IRS 457 Regulations Will Affect You (Webinar)

In June 2016, the IRS issued its long-awaited proposed Section 457 regulations. Before proposed regulations become final, there are several steps that must take place, including a public comment period and hearing. With more and more credit unions using 457 plans as a tool to attract and retain key executives, there are questions swirling around how these proposed regulations, if enacted, would affect existing and future plans.

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2016 Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey (Webinar)

Now in its 10th year, the annual NAFCU-BFB Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey is the trusted source for comprehensive data on credit unions of all asset sizes, coast-to-coast.

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Executive Benefits: When Is Enough, Enough?

Executive benefit plans are a critical tool in recruiting, rewarding, and retaining your key leadership. It’s the board’s responsibility and duty as stewards of the credit union to regularly assess the compensation packages of the executive team. As expected, the NCUA has views on executive compensation that need to be addressed. Find out how to create a win-win environment for both the executive and the credit union.

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Executive Benefits: Pitfalls to Avoid in Due Diligence (Webinar)

Executive benefit plans are a critical tool in recruiting, rewarding, and retaining your key leadership. Thorough and documented due diligence should be a top priority for every board as they select a vendor and implement the plans. But just when you thought you were doing everything right, the examiners find brand new areas of scrutiny. Recent exams have shown a growing interest in due diligence, including pre-implementation. Find out what happened during those exams and how to avoid the same fate. Don’t wait until the examiners are in your lobby.

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Executive Benefits: Plan Accounting Considerations and Reporting (Webinar)

A board considering a nonqualified deferred compensation plan for executives must understand how the plan and its funding will affect the credit union’s call reports and, in the case of state-chartered credit unions, IRS Form 990. Under GAAP, the call report impact of these plans must be systematic and rational, and must recognize the expense over the period the benefits are earned. 

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Executive Benefits: Servicing and Plan Administration (Webinar)

Executive benefit plans are a critical tool in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding your key leadership.

Understanding the impact of each plan on your credit union and the participant is just the beginning of your due diligence responsibilities.

What happens after the plans are implemented is just as important. Poor post-implementation management can have serious consequences, from loss in income and unexpected tax expenses to red flags in your regulatory exam.

Key Takeaways:
- What you should look for in the service and administration of your executive benefit plans
- How to evaluate your current or potential provider
- Checklists to streamline your evaluation

Presented by:
Lynne Barr, VP of Client Service
Mike Mason, Regional Manager

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Executive Benefits: The Dos and Don’ts of Vendor Selection (Webinar)

Executive benefit plans have the power to recruit, reward, and retain your leadership team. Now that you’ve decided to implement these plans, how do you find the best vendor to help you achieve your goals? Beyond client lists and references, find out what you really need to know.

This webinar equips you to ask the right questions and successfully evaluate a potential vendor. You’ll learn what role compliance plays in the selection process.


• Overview of executive benefit plans
• Three stages of your future relationship
• What the NCUA expects

Presenter: Guy Collins, Regional Vice President

The BFB Executive Benefits Learning Series helps credit unions understand effective methods for executive compensation and benefits to help recruit, retain, and reward their executive team. Webinars are recorded and archived for your future reference.

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Attracting and Retaining Executive Talent with Fair and Reasonable Compensation (Webinar)

Executive benefit plans are a critical tool in recruiting, rewarding, and retaining your leadership team. A key concept in designing these plans is “fair and reasonable.” As expected, the NCUA has rules regarding fair and reasonable compensation.

This webinar provides an overview of these rules and how to successfully navigate them to recruit and retain your leadership team. You will also learn the Board’s role in this process.

Executive Benefits: A 360-View of Administration, Accounting, and Regulatory Compliance (Webinar)

Executive benefit plans are an important tool to recruit, reward, and retain your high-performing leadership team. While these plans have adapted to recent changes in regulatory guidance, there are still misperceptions in the marketplace about how and when they can be used. This webinar will provide an overview of executive benefit plans, how to successfully manage them, and what regulatory pitfalls to avoid. Credit unions will gain practical tips for how executive benefit plans can help them achieve their strategic goals.

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Best Practices for Choosing an Insurance Carrier for Executive Benefits (Webinar)

Your credit union’s institutional life insurance program is only as strong as its carriers. Although life insurance is one of most regulated industries, the sheer volume of data available about the carriers can complicate or delay the decision-making process. This webinar will help you make sense of this data and provide a roadmap for selecting an insurance carrier. Join your colleagues to learn about key metrics, data sources, ratings, and more.

Bonus Material (Whitepaper) » Institutional Life Portfolio Crediting Rates: What to Expect When Interest Rates Rise

Ins and Outs of Split-Dollar: Loan Rate and Product Risks (Webinar)

As credit unions look to recruit, reward, and retain their leadership in an increasingly competitive market, split-dollar plans emerge as an attractive executive benefit. Split-dollar plans have appealing tax advantages and, if properly structured and administered, can ultimately return all money spent, plus interest, back to your credit union.

Building on fundamental concepts learned in the first installment, “Ins and Outs of Split-Dollar Plans for Executive Benefits” webinar, Chris Burns-Fazzi continues the split-dollar discussion with “Loan Rate and Product Risks.” Learn the options for loan rates and how to evaluate them as well as ways to mitigate three major risks. The latest NCUA guidance and compliance for split-dollar will also be discussed.  

For those in a need of a refresher on split-dollar plans, the recording of the first installment is available online here.

Executive Benefits 101: Achieving the Right Mix to Increase Efficiency & Maximize Retention Webinar

The most efficient executive benefit plan is designed with your credit union's specific needs and strategic goals in mind. By blending executive benefit plans, you can take advantage of each plan's strengths and improve overall efficiency.

In this session, we will explore:

  • Assets and income versus liabilities and expenses
  • Designing a multi-payout structure to target the executive's life milestones
  • Laddering income for executive tax reduction

Ins and Outs of Split-Dollar Plans for Executive Benefits (Webinar)

Your executive benefits are critical in recruiting, retaining, and rewarding top talent. A split-dollar plan is an important tool to enhance the attractiveness of your benefits package. Learn how credit unions of all sizes are offering split-dollar plans to their executives to provide a tax-free retirement cash flow.

This webinar provides an overview of split dollar plans, effective strategies and tactics, as well as applicable NCUA regulations.

Executive Benefits: Maximizing Recruitment, Retention, and Rewards within NCUA Rules (Webinar)

The most successful leaders are those who surround themselves with a great team. In this session, learn how to build a plan to properly incentivize your core team members and retain them in the future. Hear feedback from experts and learn how to leverage NCUA regulations to use otherwise impermissible investments to offset benefit costs.

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Benefit Liability Management: Mitigating Employee Benefit Expenses (Recorded Webinar)

Benefit liability management is the collaborative process of reviewing existing employee benefit obligations and exploring the potential to offset and or mitigate the expense associated with such obligations. This process is increasingly critical to a credit union’s long term health as they experience a rapid rise in employee benefit expenses. Together with ever-shrinking margins, the impact to credit unions has become a genuine concern. However, you don’t need to let those concerns put undue stress on you or your organization, nor is it necessary to let employee benefit costs affect your profitability. By utilizing a conservative approach to impermissible investments for a small portion of your investment portfolio, you can significantly reduce or offset those benefit expenses. This webinar explores the methodology and regulations around benefit liability management.

Best Practices for Executive Compensation and Benefits (Recorded Webinar)

Compensation best practices bring comfort to credit union boards and executives in knowing that their executive compensation is competitive, compliant, and an appropriate use of credit union resources. By carefully managing executive compensation, a credit union’s board of directors can minimize the risk that executives, members, the public, or regulators will complain about or challenge how they compensate top management. This webinar explores best practices for implementing and managing executive compensation plans.

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NAFCU Webcast - Board Due Diligence & Executive Compensation

Title: Board Due Diligence & Executive Compensation. Presenter: James Patterson, Partner, Sherman & Patterson; Jennifer Jackson, VP Compliance and Information, Burns-Fazzi, Brock

NAFCU Webcast - Benefit Liability Management

Title: Benefit Liability Management™ Presenter: TJ Telford, Regional VP and Christine Burns-Fazzi, Founder and Principal, Burns-Fazzi, Brock