Executive Benefits: Getting Ready for an Exam (Webinar)


Don’t wait until the examiners are onsite — get your nonqualified benefits program in shape before your next exam.

BFB Gallagher has implemented thousands of participant plans and worked with examiners across the country. From documented due diligence to proper accounting treatment, they know what the examiners like to see (and not see).

In this webinar, expert presenter Rob Fitzgerald shares lessons learned and proactive strategies for remaining compliant.

Key takeaways include:

·   Ten questions to prepare for
·   What due diligence really means
·   Common problems you can avoid

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Executive Benefits: Getting Ready for an Exam | BFB Gallagher 2016 from NAFCU Services Corporation

Rob Fitzgerald, Vice President

Rob Fitzgerald consults with credit unions nationally to implement executive benefit plans as well as benefit liability and institutional asset management programs. Rob is responsible for ensuring the ongoing performance and regulatory compliance of all plans. He works closely with boards to determine appropriate plan levels with a focus on safety and soundness. He regularly interfaces with state and federal examiners on behalf of his clients.

Rob has more than 10 years of experience in the financial services industry. His career has been focused on nonqualified executive benefits in the banking and credit union markets. Rob is a national speaker at credit union industry events. His presentations include “Executive Benefits: Administration and Due Diligence for Your Current Plan” at the NAFCU Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee Conference, and “NAFCU-BFB Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey” as part of the NAFCU Executive Benefits Learning Series. He also appeared before the George Credit Union Executives Association.

Rob has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from the University of Georgia. He lives in Atlanta with his wife Pilar, and dogs Bagel and Mushi.

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