Executive Benefits: Plan Accounting Considerations and Reporting (Webinar)


A board considering a nonqualified deferred compensation plan for executives must understand how the plan and its funding will affect the credit union’s call reports and, in the case of state-chartered credit unions, IRS Form 990. Under GAAP, the call report impact of these plans must be systematic and rational, and must recognize the expense over the period the benefits are earned. Boards of state-chartered credit unions should also understand how the nonqualified deferred compensation plan will be presented on IRS Form 990 to avoid raising undue concern among the members.

This webinar reviews common types of nonqualified deferred compensation plans and funding strategies, and how the credit union should report them on the call report and IRS Form 990.

Speaker: Suzanne Meyer, Area Vice President, Client Analytics

Suzanne Meyer oversees BFB’s team of financial analysts, ensuring solutions developed for clients are competitive, market-appropriate, and meet individual client goals and objectives.

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Executive Benefits: Plan Accounting and Reporting Considerations | Burns-Fazzi,Brock from NAFCU Services Corporation