Is your executive benefits program regulator-friendly?


Free Plan Audit

Executive benefit plans are a long-term program, sometimes outlasting a 30-year mortgage. During the life of your plans, many changes could take place in regulatory compliance, due diligence requirements, and certainly market conditions. Get confirmation that your plans are performing as expected and that the design is fully compliant with state and federal regulations.

BFB Gallagher offers a free audit of your existing plans. With some basic information, we can review your program to determine whether your goals are being met and show you the real cost of the benefit. You'll be able to use the plan audit for your due diligence documentation. Contact us today to get started »

Data-driven Decisions

Understanding where you are in the marketplace is the first step in assessing your executive benefit program. In addition to our own database of more than 400 clients, we also conduct the annual NAFCU–BFB Gallagher Executive Compensation and Benefits Survey. We can build a comparative study for you to benchmark your program. We start with a few questions on what you are trying to accomplish, then work with our research firm to pull the data. This complimentary report can also be used as part of your due diligence documentation. Contact us today to get started »

Protecting Your Human Capital

With more than 30% of CEOs ready to retire in the next few years, the pace of executive recruitment has stepped up considerably. Keep your high performing leadership team together, especially if there is a planned retirement on the horizon. Avoid any staff upheavals and performance disruptions with a retention program, carefully designed with your credit union’s safety and soundness in mind. Your BFB Gallagher consultant works with you to identify your retention needs, then develops a plan customized for each executive. Get started with a 30-minute exploratory call »