Reason, Season, Lifetime: Innovate to Increase Share of Wallet & Beat FinTech


Sundeep Kapur is speaking at the Lunch & Learn in Dallas on May 11, 2017.

We all want growth and that is not easy. FinTech, regulation, and stifling competition are creating tough hurdles for all of us. What would it take to beat FinTech? What products and services should we use to serve the emerging millennial? How do we increase our share of wallet with those we serve? How can we continue to stay relevant with the massive influx of financial services being offered by FinTech and large financial institutions?

Our session will focus on connecting people, journeys, and infrastructure. The people are the consumer we seek and our own talent that we need to nurture. The journeys are about relevant financial conversations – it is what we do as financial institutions. The infrastructure focuses on technology, facilities, and everything we do to raise awareness.

We start by taking a look at averages in our industry and compare them to aspirational brands that are successfully delivering on more than five products per consumer. Next, we analyze the approach taken by these aspirational brands to convince and convert their consumers.

Our mantra to success is based on core engagement principles – the key one being how relevant we can be to serve the needs of our consumers. We discuss a new way to look at the on-boarding process, a prescriptive way to engage consumers in a regular dialogue, and specific ideas on how to get our consumers to create “executable” personal financial roadmaps.

The ideas we share are innovative and serve as the foundation of success for certain brands. We apply this learning back to our own brands.

This session forces you to think of your member as a partner in their consumer journey – where both of you have each other’s best interests in mind. This means more products/services from your credit union to serve your member and also more word of mouth referrals to drive your growth.

Sundeep Kapur, Founder, Digital Credence

Digital Credence is in the business of helping brands define and execute their OMNI-channel strategies. The team leads through education and has had the opportunity to help many financial institutions create and execute a successful consumer engagement strategy. Their specialty lies in helping brands create multi-channel consumer journeys by focusing on fundamentals – lower cost, security, and driving revenue – all towards improving lifetime consumer value.