Why Split Dollar Still Matters (Webinar)


March 2018

Most executives are surprised to learn that split dollar plans have been around for at least 75 years. Several IRS rulings have been issued in that time, confirming that split dollar has been well-considered and well-debated for decades. Split dollar plans are an important component in executive benefit programs, yet easily misunderstood. This webinar will provide an overview of split dollar plans, NCUA regulations, how it works in different rate environments, critical decision points, and more.

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BFB Gallagher is the NAFCU Preferred Partner for Executive Compensation and Benefits. This webinar is offered as a complimentary resource to the credit union community.

Executive Benefits: Why Split Dollar Still Matters (Webinar) | BFB Gallagher 2018 from NAFCU Services Corporation


Expert Presenter

Tyler Talbot, Regional Vice President, BFB Gallagher 

Tyler Talbot consults with organizations on protecting their human capital using tax-advantaged executive benefit plans. He works closely with executives and boards across the country to define their strategic vision, then develops customized solutions to support their goals. Tyler also helps organizations manage their benefit liabilities and optimize their investment portfolios. His expertise is in the tax code for nonqualified executive benefit plans for tax-exempt entities.

Tyler has a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations from Weber State University. He is based out of our South Ogden, Utah office.